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“iPad Headaches”: Presentation at Design For Mobile (D4M)

Posted Jun 21, 2010

Come join me in Chicago, where I’ll be speaking at the Design For Mobile (D4M) conference, held September 20-24, 2010. Conference curator Barbara Ballard of Little Springs Design has pulled together a staggeringly impressive lineup of speakers. Really excited to be in such bright company.

Here’s the lowdown on the conference:

Design For Mobile (D4M) is a multi-faceted conference aimed at engaging the mobile community in a shared discussion about the future of mobile and ‘the mobile now.’ This is a conference focused on strategy and tactics for user research, product definition, usability testing, interaction and design. D4M is comprised of both preliminary and advanced workshops that flank three full days of speakers and interactive sessions.

Me, I’m tackling iPad pain points in a talk tentatively titled “iPad Design Headaches (Take Two Tablets and Call Me in the Morning).” Here’s the gist: The iPad and its emerging entourage of Android tablets have introduced a new style of computing which confronts designers with unfamiliar challenges. Learn the symptoms (and fixes) for a range of new-to-the-world iPad ailments, including Greedy Pixel Syndrome, the dreaded Frankeninterface, and the “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” bait and switch. This talk explores practical techniques and eye-opening gotchas of tablet interface design, all grounded in the ergonomics, context, psychology, and nascent culture of these new devices.

The talk comes with genial bedside manner included. Hope you can make it.

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