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Big Medium 2.0.8

This maintenance update fixes a handful of bugs.


Big Medium 2.0.8 is a maintenance update that fixes a handful of bugs.

(This version was briefly released as v2.0.7, but there was a problem with one of the download files. The issue has been fixed and the version number has accordingly been updated to v2.0.8.)

Go get it

Download the latest version of Big Medium here.

The download package includes complete installation instructions, including notes for upgrading from previous versions of Big Medium. Shortcut instructions for upgrading from Big Medium 2.0 or later are also included below.

What’s new

Upgrading from Big Medium v2.0-v2.0.3?

If you’re upgrading from versions v2.0-v2.0.3, you can follow the upgrade instructions described in the v2.0.4 announcement.

Upgrading from Big Medium v2.0.4-v2.0.7?

Shortcut instructions for upgrading from v2.0.4-v2.0.7 are provided below.

This upgrade process will rebuild all pages of your site(s):

1. Set your FTP client to “plain text” or “ascii” mode.

2. Upload to moxiebin/Modules directory:

3. Upload to moxiedata/support/assets directory:

4. Upload to moxiedata/templates/site_templates directory:

5. Upload to bmadmin/wysiwyg/editor/dialog directory:

6. Run the updater

Browse to the bm-update.cgi file in your site’s moxiebin directory. For example:

Along the way, the update process will rebuild all pages of your site(s).

7. Clear your browser cache

Clear your browser cache, and ask other Big Medium editors to do the same.

This completes the update.