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Global Moxie specializes in mobile design strategy and user experience for a multiscreen world. We offer consulting services, training, and product-invention workshops to help creative organizations build tapworthy mobile apps and effective websites. We're based in Brooklyn, NY. Learn more.

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Books by Josh Clark

Tapworthy: Designing Great iPhone Apps

Best iPhone Apps: The Guide for Discriminating Downloaders

iWork ’09: The Mising Manual


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Books by Josh Clark: Best iPhone Apps, iWork ’09, and Big Medium

I write books to help creative people understand the technologies that can make their work easier, more beautiful, and more all-around awesome.

My books, like the software I build, aim to help you create gorgeous documents and websites, vehicles worthy of your words and ideas. As a guy who makes software for creative people, I care about technology’s role in our lives, about the tools that we use to do our everyday work. I know how powerful these tools can be, but also about how frustrating they often are to newcomers. The goal of my books is to help you get the most out of the technologies I write about, so that you not only master them, but you also enjoy the process along the way.

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Listen Up

“I listen to what Josh Clark has to say.”
—Matt Legend Gemmell, developer, Instinctive Code

“Tapworthy is a great iPhone development book.”
—Joe Hewitt, creator of the Facebook iPhone app

“I snagged a copy of Josh Clark’s Tapworthy. Mmmm... that’s good interface.
—Boon Sheridan

More praise for Tapworthy