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Survey: Tablets, Windows Phone Hit Tipping Point with Developers

Posted Jul 9, 2012

A survey of mobile developers reveals trends in the platforms and motivations that intrigue app builders. The study by VisionMobile asked 1500 developers about their preferred operating systems, their reasons for choosing a platform, and the associated costs of building apps for those platforms.

A few highlights:

  • Tablets are heating up. More than 50% of developers are now targeting tablets, with iOS developers most likely (74%) to do so.

  • Windows Phone becoming attractive. A majority of developers (57%) plan to adopt Windows Phone.

  • Reach over revenue? 54% of developers say user reach most important for choosing a platform; only 30% cite revenue potential.

  • One in three developers lives below "the app poverty line." 35% of apps generate only $1 – $500.

  • Apps cost. iOS earns the most for developers, costing an average of $27,000 per app, 21% more than Android.

  • Apps take time. The average mobile app takes three man months to develop.

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