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IA Summit: Mobile Design Workshop

Posted Mar 24, 2011

I'm going mile-high next week, headed to Denver to give my full-day workshop on tapworthy mobile design at the IA Summit. There are still a few spots available, but you should hurry: we're keeping this fandango under 50 to allow some good conversation, give-and-take, and best of all, some very fun show-and-tell as we all design a mobile app over the course of the day. I'll cover big-picture concepts of adapting to mobile mindsets as well as nitty-gritty ergonomic details of designing for touch. All will be eye-opening, even surprising, and if I have my way, plenty of fun, too.

Register here. The details:

Tapworthy Mobile Design and User Experience
Denver, Colorado
March 30, 2011; 9:00am – 5:00pm

From idea to polished pixel, this workshop explains how to create a mobile app that delights.

Participants will discover how to conceive and refine an app’s design in tune with the needs of a mobile audience—and their fingers and thumbs. This workshop teaches how to “think mobile” to plan and create app interfaces in tune with the psychology, culture, ergonomics, and context of an audience on the go.

Experienced designers and newcomers alike will uncover the shifts in mindset and technique required to craft a great app. This workshop isn’t (only) for geeks. It’s for everyone involved in the app design process—designers, programmers, managers, marketers, clients.

Participants will equip themselves to ask the right questions (and find the right answers) to make aesthetic, technical, and usability decisions that will make their apps a pleasure to use. The workshop focuses on generally on broad principles of mobile design, using examples from all major mobile platforms, but particularly through the lens of iOS apps.

This full-day workshop is built on seven core sessions:

  • The Mobile Context
  • Designing for Touch
  • Organizing Your App
  • Crafting a Visual Identity
  • Introducing Your App
  • Working with Gestures and Screen Orientation
  • The iPad and other Tablets

If you can't make it to Denver next week, you might be interested in one of the other workshops I'm teaching later this year:

I'm also dishing talks and keynotes at a crazy volume of frankly awesome conferences. Please do come and say hello. You can also follow my conference misadventures at

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