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iOS App Icon Template for Illustrator

Posted Jul 9, 2012

Mo' Pixels, Mo' Problems. As Apple's Retina Display screens keep blooming on new devices, the number of app icons developers must generate keeps blooming, too. The new iPad added five new icon sizes:

  • Application icon (144x144)
  • App Store icon (1024x1024)
  • Spotlight search results icon (100x100)
  • Two sizes of document icons (128x128 and 640x640)

And that brings the final tally to—hang onto your pixels—SIXTEEN different app icons you need to generate for a universal iOS app. Hooboy.

Never fear, though, the sensational Jon Hicks has you covered with his Illustrator template for iOS app icons, freshly updated with the iPad 3 icon sizes (except for document icons). Snap it up.

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iOS App Icon Template


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Melissa Fox
Nov 13, 2012 11:54am [ 1 ]

Just learning new things.

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