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"Small Screens, Big Changes": Full-Day Mobile Workshops in Europe

Posted Apr 23, 2012

Karen McGrane and I are taking a European road trip. We’re leaving the backpacks at home, though, and instead bringing mountains of mobile know-how.

We’re teaming up to give full-day workshops in three cities—Amsterdam, Hamburg, and Barcelona. Karen McGrane, as you no doubt already know, is a whip-smart (and hilarious) content strategist and internet genius. She’s also author of Content Strategy for Mobile, a forthcoming book from A Book Apart. She’ll be delivering the goods on how to navigate content strategy in a multichannel world, while I’ll focus on crafting finger-friendly touchscreen interfaces.

It’s a heckuva one-two punch. Actually, scratch that. IT'S A FRICKIN' MOBILE KNOWLEDGE EXPLOSION.

Karen McGrane
The sensational Karen McGrane.

You can register and get more details here: “Small Screens, Big Changes: A Full-Day Mobile Workshop with Josh Clark and Karen McGrane.” But before you head over, here’s the quick gist:

Mobile represents a massive shift in how users interact with content and interfaces. Are you ready? Spend a whole day learning how to make the most of mobile.

  • Designing for Touch. The morning session with Josh Clark presents nitty-gritty “rule of thumb” design techniques that together form a framework for crafting finger-friendly interface metaphors, affordances, and gestures for a new generation of mobile apps that inform and delight.

  • Content Strategy for Mobile. The afternoon session with Karen McGrane explores the challenges and constraints of presenting content in mobile interfaces and contexts. Desktop websites have gotten cluttered with useless information that doesn’t meet user needs. Mobile offers an opportunity to re-prioritize messages, rewrite jargon, and remove outdated information. You’ll learn how to use mobile as a wedge to create a better experience for ALL users.

Three Cities

The workshops run from 10am to 6pm each day, with lunch included.

Extra Bonus Talks!

Whether or not you attend the workshop, you’re invited to join Karen and me for a free mobile salon. The evening before the workshop in each city, we’ll each give a talk while we ply you with delicious and intoxicating liquids. Details and venues are coming soon. Watch the workshop website, or follow along on Twitter.

Hope to see you in Amsterdam, Barcelona, or Hamburg!

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Jun 8, 2012 6:45am [ 1 ]

All very nice but when will you release the open source version of BigMedium? Thanks.

Jun 8, 2012 12:02pm [ 2 ]

Thanks for your note, Robert. Big Medium is no longer supported, but I do plan to release it as open source when I have the time. Probably sometime this summer, but I don't have a firm timeline. Client work, workshops, book writing, and the other work that actually puts food on the table has to come first, I'm afraid. In the meantime, please feel free to use Big Medium according to your current software license.

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