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Digital Life: Today & Tomorrow

Posted Jun 2, 2011

This fun and wide-ranging infoviz video provides a nifty snapshot of how quickly our digital lives are changing, with some predictions for what this all might look like in 2015. (Remember when 2015 seemed like an impossibly distant year?)

The video was researched by Madrid consulting firm Mitsue Venture and animated by Neo Labels for their project Digital Life: Today & Tomorrow.

Do watch the whole thing, but here are a few appetizer stats:

  • 2010 numbers: 600 million paid tv subscribers, compared to 5 billion mobile accounts.

  • We spend 16% of our online time on social-networking sites. Only 6.6% on email.

  • Email use is falling for people under 35, but going up for people over 35.

  • A multi-device world. We read news on different devices depending on time of day. Context matters.

  • By 2015, the digital traffic consumed by just 20 households will match the traffic of the entire 1995 internet.

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