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The 967 Grid System

Posted Jul 9, 2012

“Stop thinking, and start designing!” Here at Global Moxie, we’re kinda in love with The 967 Grid System, Jonathan Ogden’s send-up of grid frameworks as well as half-baked nods to mobile design. “One column, one size, one amazing website. The 967 grid is mathematically engineered to bring you less hassle, and less columns. Perfect for single-column websites, or websites with just one column.”

317px Grid System by Jonathan Ogden

And what about mobile? “The 317px Grid System is a perfect fit for any mobile phone, as long as the screen is bigger than 317px wide. It works much like the 967 grid in that it uses just one column, with the added option of 317 1-pixel columns.”

The stock photo treatments alone are worth a visit.

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