FogBugz 6.0 Online Help

Unix System Requirements

Before installing FogBugz for Unix, you should run through this checklist to make sure your server has all the required components. If you are missing anything, we maintain a list of helpful links and advice

NOTE: If you are planning to install this on a shared Unix host, it will require command-line access and possibly root access unless the host environment already matches all of the listed requirements.  Ask your host provider before installing if they will be amenable to helping you with making the installation work.


FogBugz for Unix will run on processors built on the x86 architecture, including Intel, AMD and all 100% Intel-compatible processors. Other CPUs will not work. Please contact Fog Creek Software first if you'd like to run FogBugz with any other processor.

We also recommend that the server be provided with at least 2GB of RAM.

Operating System

Note: Some operating systems now come loaded with experimental ZTS (Zend Thread Safety). FogBugz is not compatible with ZTS, so  you will need to disable ZTS in PHP before installing FogBugz.  

Note: FogBugz is not supported under SELinux. You will need to disable SELinux if it is included as part of your distribution.

The operating systems listed below have been tested at Fog Creek Software. FogBugz 6 supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Linux architectures. FogBugz 6 requires PHP5.1 or PHP5.2, so earlier versions of these distributions may require a PHP upgrade before installation.

Other versions of Linux that are binary compatible with these may work, but we have not yet tested them (aside from comments included in the above list). We do offer a 90-day, no questions asked money back guarantee, so if you like, you could buy one license, try installing, and if it does not work, we will issue a refund. However, we cannot currently provide installation support for platforms not on the list of supported platforms.

If your platform is not currently supported, we may be able to compile our FogBugz shared object to that platform if you give us SSH access with permissions to compile. Contact us for further details or to let us know about platforms you'd like us to support in the future.

Not sure what platform you have? Type uname -a at the command prompt.

Apache HTTP Server

Must be installed and running.
Version required: 1.3 or 2.0.

Not sure if Apache is running? The easiest way to tell if Apache is running on your server is to point a web browser at it. For example, from the command line, type lynx http://localhost

Not sure what version you have? If apache is running, the command apachectl status will usually tell you what version you have. Or you can try to download a page that doesn't exist, which will display an error message containing the version of Apache. For example, type lynx http://localhost/xxxx

PHP Scripting Language

Must be installed with the following extensions compiled in, or available as extensions:

Must be installed without the debug and ZTS options.

Make sure safemode=Off in your php.ini file or the install will not be able to run.

Version required: PHP 5.1 or higher

Not sure if it's installed? Create a file named test.php in a directory which is served by your web server. Copy the following text into that file:

echo PHP_VERSION . "<br>";
echo "XML:" . extension_loaded('xml') . "<br>";
echo "imap:" . extension_loaded('imap') . "<br>";
echo "mysql:" . extension_loaded('mysql') . "<br>";
echo "iconv:" . extension_loaded('iconv') . "<br>";

Now browse that new page with a web browser, for example, lynx http://localhost/test.php


If any line is missing the 1, that means that this extension is not compiled into PHP and FogBugz will not work.

PHP Command Line Interface (CLI)

Must be installed. This is a version of the PHP scripting language which runs from the command line.

The following extensions must be compiled in:

Must be installed WITHOUT the debug and ZTS options.

Version required: PHP 5.1 or higher

Not sure if it's installed? The command php -v will try to run it and tell you what version you have.

Not sure if you have all the right extensions compiled in?

Issue the command

php -m

Look for xml, imap, and mysql in the list of extensions. If any one of these is missing, you will need to recompile or configure PHP to include the appropriate extensions.

pear must also be in your path or in /usr/local/php/bin/pear.  Type which pear to find out whether your path includes the pear binary.

MySQL Database Server

Client and Server must be installed and running.

Version required: 4.1 or later

Not sure if it's installed and running? Type mysql at the command line.

Curl Command line tool

Must be installed.

Not sure if it's installed? Type curl --version at the command line. If it is installed, you will see a version number. If you get the message "command not found," install curl.

Mono Open Source .NET

Version 1.2.3 or higher must be installed.

More info:

eAccelerator PHP optimizer and cache

Recommended. Radically improves performance of PHP FogBugz.

Not sure if it's installed?

Issue the command

php -m | grep eAccelerator

You can find download and installation instructions on the eAccelerator install page. Binary packages are available for most operating systems.

For Email Integration

For FogBugz to send email, you need an SMTP server. If you have the ability to send Internet email, you probably already have one of these somewhere.

For FogBugz to receive incoming mail, you need a POP3 server. FogBugz supports plain POP3 and secure (ssh-based) POP3. Almost all email servers support POP3.

For Source Code Control Integration

We support integration with Perforce, CVS, Subversion, Visual SourceSafe, and Vault. Other source code control systems may work if they support some form of triggers and have a web interface. More info.