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IE9 Error - cannot add a link to content of any pages

Hi there -

When I select text and click the "link" button in the content editor, I get the normal pop up window w/ the option for URL/email/anchor and the text box to add the link in.

However in IE9, this doesn't happen. Instead it brings up the little pop up box, with the word Link at the top left, but nothing else. No content in the box, and the cancel button and [X] buttons do not work, you have to user the browser's back button.

Bug? IE issue? Any suggestions anyone?

Thank you!!
Susan Lawrence Send private email
(PS suggestions needed other than the obvious "use a better browser" - which is what I'm doing now but I have a few clients who are stuck on IE. At least I got them off AOL!)
Susan Lawrence Send private email
Hi Susan,

Right, looks like this is a bug that materialized specifically under IE9 with the WYSIWYG editor. Hope to have a fix for that when I release the last version of Big Medium in the next few weeks. In the meantime, I'm afraid the best I can suggest is to use the Chrome browser. Not ideal, I know...

Stay tuned,
Josh Clark Send private email

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